Friday, September 28, 2007


The most important word that I want to illustrate in the my senior design project is the word "insecurity". As of now I have thought of representing that with broken or shattered mirrors or glass. This would represent the "fragility" or instability of the project. However since this material has been used a few times earlier I will have to come up with a unique way of incorporating it in my design.

Another important aspect that I want to show is the presence of the different people in my life. Almost all of them in their own ways have an impact or some sort of influence in my life and are therefore very important components in my life. As I had also mentioned earlier, to me a flickering light is soothing as the shadows it creates sort of "fills" up my room with "company" and I dont feel lonely any more. It is sort of a temporary solution to my lonliness. Which is why I am very keen to use light and shadows also in my project.

My insecurities often lead me to doubt almost everything and everyone and as a result it leads me to a lot of "confusion". I feel confused about a lot of things in my life and is another important feeling I want to represent in my project. I could represent this confusion with twisted or mangled wire.

So, so far the words that stand out the most are:

black, blue, red, shattered glass/mirrors, moving water, moving shadows (like ghosts), anything broken/ with jagged edges

light and its shadows

black, dark, emtpy, hollow

mangled/ twisted wire

Now I need to come up with a successful and convincing way to show all these concepts with these materials. I will most likely create an installation. If not, my next option is a sculpture.

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