Saturday, December 15, 2007

My inspiration

Cockatoo and Corks

The Hotel Eden

Object (Roses des Vents)

This following piece is what inspired me for my project. This is the work of the assemblage artist by the name of Joseph Cornell. He was reputed for these boxes he created with found objects. He took objects and neatly layed them out in a box. I found the idea of laying out objects in a box fascinating and decided to adopt it too in my project. Like in this last picture I will also use threads and pictures in different layers. However my project will have a little more detail compared to the simplicity in Cornells work.

Untitled (Tilly Losch)

Background for main project

This is the image I finally used in the background of my project. There is one image where Im laughing and in contrast the image where my picture is torn up and sewn back together. There is a contrast between the happy and laughing picture of me with the torn up, sewn and graphic picture or me.

The text I have used is a small section from a 'ghazal'(a song focusing mostly on powerful lyrics and good classical singing). The ghazal speaks of a lost childhood and how the person would give up all his money and popularity in return for his simple and innocent childhood where he played with paper boats, danced at weddings and played with his grandparents. Its an extremely touching song with very meaningful lyrics which certainly strikes a chord with whoever hears it. I manipulated the text in photoshop using different filters to give the text a faint, ghostly sort of feel.

This image will be backlit using whitish blue lights. Overall the feeling given by the image would make the viewer feel uncomfortable or insecure which is the main idea.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Pictures for senior project

The first few pictures are of the abstract paintings I had done to represent different emotions. One is cold...icey cold and aloof. The other is tumultuous emotions, emotions like hate, passion and anger. I took closeup pics of the paintings where I could capture the 3D nature of the images. I turned the icey blue one into black/white so as to use them in my b/w background. The red remained the same.

These are a few pictures I took to represent the typical Indian girl. It also represents how I am supposed to behave in public: like a traditional Indian girl who values her Indian roots and respects them and is the same time modern. Some of the photos are cliche and almost Bollywoodish (bollywod-Indian movie industry). But that artifiiciality works with my concept as what I portray or am told to portray is rather artificial and is a lot of 'acting' per se.

These pictures are of the torn up picture of me that have been sown together roughly. I took pictures in different angles where the audience has to squint a bit to really understand what is in the picture. Some pictures also highlight main areas like my hands and areas where the threadwork is most visible.

This was the image I used finally for the catalogue. It shows the main parts of my project: the threads, the torn pieces of my picture, pierced areas of my picture(my hand..looking as if Im crucified). I have also used this picture as a layer in the background image of my final piece.