Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Work (University)

This was a stencil I made for the "production design" course. I first created the design and then went on to make break the design into different layers so that we could print in different colors.

This project was for Graphic Design 2. We had to create packaging for a make believe product of our own choice. My product was essentially clay that could be moulded into whatever you liked, and once it dried it would become real. Since this was based on fantasy and was to do with clay, I combined the words and coined the word "claytasy".
Clay is mainly associated with having fun and as that was the aim of my project too I decided to keep the color scheme very bright and attractive but keeping the shapes simple. The package itself was to be transparent either in a plastic tie-up packet or on a transparent cylinderical box so people could look at the colorful clay inside.

This was a lino print that I created for production design also. I did face a few problems because I initially overlooked the fact that we need to carve out in reverse so that when its printed it will come the right side up.
This was a newspaper design that we had to create for a funny story we made up in class. My story was to do with teenage drinking, cancer and getting lost on the beach. As a result I decided to incorporate all that into the content on my newspaper in terms of text and layout. The name of my paper was "Lost Times" as it was related to the content of my story.
We had to take inspiration from an existing newspaper and I used the German weekly newspaper called "Die Zeit" for that. I was fascinated by their unique layout by using text wraps in particular. I adopted the same word wrap technique and for the centre spread wrapped the text around a vodka bottle as my story was to do with teenage "drinking". The text in the bottle was a brief about the article with the name of the correspondent and everything else on the bottle exactly like the layout on an original "Absolut Vodka" bottle.
We had to create a front page and a centre spread for this project.
This project was for Graphic Design 1 where we were given an image (here a monkey) which we had to simplify over different stages to finally get an image that would look like a logo.
This book cover was designed in the Graphic Design 1 class. The story was called "Alphabox" and was based on a set of liquid, metallic letters that moved like they were alive. The story was also rather dark, cold and eery with a lot of confusion.
I decided to incorporate the same feeling in my cover by cramming different words that would descirbe the story. It also represents the confusion the main subject was experiencing in the story. In terms of color I kept the overall scheme very dull and grey, much like the fel of the story too. The only "color" was on the spine in this acidic yellow just for contrast.

This was a triptych that I designed for my Color Theory class. It was certainly a tedious project as minute details has to be taken into consideration. Despite all the work involved I thoroughly enjoyed this project as I love going into details and love painting too. The first panel was a collage while the second was a painting of the collage in grayscale followed by a painting of the collage in a monochromatic scheme in the last panel.

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