Friday, December 14, 2007

Pictures for senior project

The first few pictures are of the abstract paintings I had done to represent different emotions. One is cold...icey cold and aloof. The other is tumultuous emotions, emotions like hate, passion and anger. I took closeup pics of the paintings where I could capture the 3D nature of the images. I turned the icey blue one into black/white so as to use them in my b/w background. The red remained the same.

These are a few pictures I took to represent the typical Indian girl. It also represents how I am supposed to behave in public: like a traditional Indian girl who values her Indian roots and respects them and is the same time modern. Some of the photos are cliche and almost Bollywoodish (bollywod-Indian movie industry). But that artifiiciality works with my concept as what I portray or am told to portray is rather artificial and is a lot of 'acting' per se.

These pictures are of the torn up picture of me that have been sown together roughly. I took pictures in different angles where the audience has to squint a bit to really understand what is in the picture. Some pictures also highlight main areas like my hands and areas where the threadwork is most visible.

This was the image I used finally for the catalogue. It shows the main parts of my project: the threads, the torn pieces of my picture, pierced areas of my picture(my hand..looking as if Im crucified). I have also used this picture as a layer in the background image of my final piece.

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