Sunday, November 4, 2007

Devi sample pics

These were two illustrations I made to just give an idea of what I wanted my painting to look like. Either I make half of me modern and the other half traditional on the same photo or I just showed two seperate photos. I went ahead and had the photo shoot and portrayed the same idea with photos of me.

This final piece was a little more detailed with a colored bacground representing each side. I was trying to incorporate my computer made illustration and combine it with my photo. I have done that by wrapping some of the patterned twines around my arms. I wanted to show that my 'influences'- like family/tradition etc are 'growing' onto me. By using the collage of photos in the background I was trying to represent the different influences in my they were my friends. If you squint a bit you might recognise a few people...hehe!

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Naren said...

Hi Deviyani,
the imagination looked good. i feel you would be able to get a much clear picture if you could study the origin of "devi" (or durga mata)..and also as I belong to the saraswats,, i feel ,, if you studied the origin of saraswti goddess it would help you shape a more realistic and touching sensation of "DEVI"..

all i feel is you are trying to find the significance of goddess DEVI in the todays world.. we people being so modern still worship her in her traditional form,, i feel is one of your question if devi was pictured like this in traditional form because during that time the people were traditional ,, then how would she appear if she had her form by todays people or , if her image kept changing with the people.,,,

i feel a more deeper understanding of her origin,,her minute signifance like her hands,,her fingers,,her colour sginificance,,her weapons,, her blessing posture,, and then also the study of the people during those days..this will also help to understand ur own self..

every god is considered to be perfection,, if you try to compare the imperfections observed in human and try to see how this is overcome by the goddess then i feel u will answer many of your questions like hollowness ,,emptiness and all ,, and trying to be away from world by closing eyes.